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Favourite Colour: White

Favourite Food: Cuban Food

Favourite School Subject: History (like me)

Favourite Movie: The Godfather

 Best Friend: Hayley Hasslehoff (follow her @HHASSELHOFF On Twitter)

Full Name: Nathalia Norah Ramos Cohen

Date of Birth: July 3rd 1992

Location of Birth: Madrid, Spain

Movies Been In: Bratz (2007) and 31 North 62 East (2009)and the upcoming Resident Advisor (2012)

House of Anubis (2011-2012) with Nathalia (middle) as Nina Martin an American girl, who arrives suddenly after girl Joy (second on the end right) disappears
You think you're busy? House of Anubis cutie Nathalia Ramos totally has you beat. All in a day's time, Nat films new episodes, goes to college classes, hits up fancy red carpet events, and catches up on homework. We're exhausted just thinking about it.

The best part? She let us tag along on her whirlwind day.

all my eternal love @smileysophie4ev -Soph

Nathalia Norah Ramos Cohen